Overview page

This page shows the overview of the entire cluster:

  • Current cluster Master Status;
    • Basic Status of Master node;
    • Master election time;
  • Alive Broker-Nodes list of current cluster;
    • Basic status of Broker-Nodes;
    • Broker alive time;
    • Broker's version;
    • CPU/Memory status of Broker nodes;
  • Alive Storage-Nodes list of current cluster, see Cluster Status Information for more information;
    • Node status in the cluster;
    • Available databases;
    • Basic state of the replica;
    • Cluster disk usage;


Node configuration

Click the configuration icon on the right side of the Broker node or Storage node, then the current configuration information of the node will be displayed:

node configuration

Storage cluster status

Click either Storage name in the Storage cluster to query the basic status of the Storage cluster:

node configuration