What's LinDB?

LinDB is an open-source distributed time series database which provides high performance, high availability and horizontal scalability.

LinDB stores all monitoring data of ELEME Inc, providing massive time series data storage and the capability of cross-IDCs.

Feature List

High performance

Singal server supports more than one million TPS; As the internal efficient compression storage and parallel computing capabilities, LinDB is focusing on the query performance optimization.

High availability

The multi-channel replication protocol supports any amount of nodes, ensures the system availability.

Easy to use

LinDB supports Metric + Tags + Fields, and is schema-free; The LinQL is handy for realtime data analytics.

Horizontal scalability

Tags based sharding strategy in LinDB solves the hotspots problem, and is truly horizontally expanded available by simply adding new broker and storage nodes.

Cross Multiple IDCs

LinDB is designed to work under a Multi-Active IDCs cloud architecture. The compute layer of LinDB, called brokers, supports efficient Multi-IDCs aggregation query.

Auto Rollup

LinDB supports rollup in specific interval(minute, hour and day) automatically after creating the database(unlike the Continuous-Query of InfluxDB).