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Data Explore Page provides a UI-based way to query data for users who are not familiar with Lin Query Language(LinQL).

  • Database: the database to be queried, required;
  • Namespace: Namespace to be queried, optional, default namespace will be default-ns when input is omitted;
  • Metrics: Metrics Name to be queried, required;
  • Show LinQL: When switch is on, LinQL will be displayed, then you can click Execute LinQL and jump to Data Search for more flexible data analysis;
  • Metrics Area: Display the corresponding Fields/Tags and data of the selected Metrics, among which Fields/Tags are useful for further data analysis;
    • Field: required, multiple Fields are supported for querying`;
    • Filter: Filter data through Tags, optional;
    • Group By: Grouping data through Tags, optional;
    • Metric display: display result data, including the corresponding Metrics Name;
    • Query status: display status of current query in the upper right corner of the icon, such as abnormal error, query status, etc.;

Data exploreData explore