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  1. Admin Console
  2. Cluster overview
  • Current cluster Master Status;
    • Basic Status of Master node;
    • Master election time;
  • Alive Broker-Nodes list of current cluster;
    • Basic status of Broker-Nodes;
    • Broker alive time;
    • Broker's version;
    • CPU/Memory status of Broker nodes;
  • Alive Storage-Nodes list of current cluster, see cluster status information for more information;
    • Node status in the cluster;
    • Available databases;
    • Basic state of the replica;
    • Cluster disk usage;

Cluster overviewCluster overview

Node configuration

Click the configuration icon on the right side of the Broker node or Storage node, then the current configuration information of the node will be displayed:

Node configurationNode configuration

Storage cluster status

Click either Storage name in the Storage cluster to query the basic status of the Storage cluster:

Node configurationNode configuration